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Elastomer polyurea waterproof coating

Anti Water

Anti Corrossion

Anti Rusty

Anti Impact

Anti Slip

Anti Abrasion

Advanced Polyurea Waterproof Coating Systems

Polyurea coating technology constitutes a more recent and advanced system than the traditional ones used in waterproofing and protective coating applications.

However, Polyurea is not a specific coating system , it is not a new technology. In fact, it has been used successfully for four decades in many different applications all around the world.

Our polyurea coating is a 100% solid, fast set, spray-applied, two component aromatic polyurea elastomer. The system consists of the A component, a quasi-prepolymer rich of free NCO, and the B component, a mixture of polyetheramine, amine extenders and other additives. This reaction is rapid, proceeding to completion within a few seconds, thus requiring specialized mixing and application equipment to be used by a specialized application crew. The unique polyurea chemistry allows this material to be tolerant of moisture and lower temperatures during application. This means that high humidity and hidden moisture in concrete has minimal effect on the application of this product.

Advantages-Properties Of All Polyurea Waterproof Coating

Solvent free, consisting of a 100% solids formula. Polyurea products are considered environmentally friendly.

Thermal Stability
Thermal stability to temperature variations. Weather variations hardly influence coating performance or adhesion properties.

Chemical Resistance And Mechanical Properties
Impressive chemical resistance and exceptional mechanical properties. Almost no coating can compare to Polyurea when it comes to attainable physical properties.

Insensitivity To Humidity
Polyurea is hydrolytically stable so relative humidity or residual moisture have little to no effect on adhesion or coating performance.

Ultra Fast Curing
Return to service or to further procession comes many times faster than traditional coatings. Gel time is achieved within seconds.

Good Adhesion
Good adhesion to a variety of different substrates (concrete, metals, wood etc.) even under high humidity and extreme temperatures.

Applicable On Vertical And Curved Surfaces
Complicated architectural structures and details can be coated in almost any desired thickness, without sagging.

Monolithic, Seamless Membrane After Curing
These membranes are vapour permeable, preventing moisture accumulation.

Structure Chart

Technical Data

No. Item Index
1 Color Optional
2 Solid 100%
3 Gel time 10 seconds
4 Mixing ratio(by volume) 1:1
5 Flash point >200°C
6 Recommended spreading thickness 1-2mm
7 Drying time Temperature, humidity and film thickness dependent

Performance Characteristics

No. Item Specification
1 Flash point >200°C
2 Tensile strength 15Mpa 21Mpa
3 Tensile elongation 350% 520%
4 Tear strength 59 KN/m 78 KN/m
5 Impact resistance 1.5Kg·m 1.5Kg·m
6 Adhesion 2.6Mpa 2.6Mpa
7 Hardness Shore A85-95 Shore A80-90
8 Water impermeability, 0.4Mpa×2h Impermeable
9 Specific gravit 1.02g/cm3 1.02g/cm3
10 Service temperature -50°C-150°C

Good Quality Visible


Mechanical rooms

Cold storage areas

Basing and reservoirs

Marine bridges


Underground engineering

Cooling towers of power plants

Aquarium lining

Pond lining

Water and waste water linings


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