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Metal roof waterproof coating

Anti Water

Anti Corrossion

Anti Rusty

Anti Impact

Anti Slip

Anti Abrasion

Product Details

A high-quality waterproof coating made of pure acrylic emulsion, high-quality pigment and filler, supplemented with a waterproof system made of non-woven polyester fabric. The system can be a metal roofing lighting board.outstanding roofing ducts, fan ports, metal plate lap joints, reinforcement screws, gutters and other waterproof weak parts provide a complete solution with excellent fatigue resistance, aging resistance, low temperature flexibility and excellent elasticity. Metal roofing waterproofing expert. After the warranty expires, proper maintenance and repair can extend the warranty period.


High Elastic Waterproof
Unique high elastic waterproof and holistic

Aging Resistance
High temperature resistance, low temperature resistance, good aging resistance

Corrosion Resistance
Good impact resistance, rust and corrosion resistance

Excellent Adhesion
Excellent metal adhesion (affinity), strong adhesion

Environmental Friendly
Non-toxic, tasteless, non-polluting, green

Low temperature flexibility and high elasticity, excellent followability

Wide Application
Wide application and simple construction

Competitive Price
The overall cost is low and the price is low

Technical Data

No. Test item I II
1 Tensile strength Mpa ≥ 1.0 1.8
2 Elongation at break % ≥ 360
3 Low temperature flexibility (round 10mm pole bend 180 degrees) -10degrees no crack -20degrees no crack
4 Imperviousness(0.3Mpa,30min) impermeable
5 Solid content% ≥ 72
6 Dry time h Face dry ≤ 4
Real dry ≤ 8
7 Tensile strength retention after treatment% Heat treatment ≥ 80
Alkali treatment ≥ 60
Acid treatment ≥ 40
Artificial weathering treatment ≥ 80-150
8 Elongation at break after treatment% Heat treatment ≥ 200
Alkali treatment≥
Acid treatment≥
Artificial weathering treatment≥ 200
9 Heating rate % elongation ≤ 1.0
Shorten ≤ 1.0


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